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Annieglass has operated for 30 years on the premise that "what goes around comes around." Community involvement, green awareness and fair trade have finally become business concerns in the recent years, but Annieglass has consistently practiced these philosophies since its foundation long before these ideals became trends.

Staff of Annieglass giving check to Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer Services, over $150,000 was raised overall.


Annie received a degree in glassmaking from the California College of the Arts, where she studied under renowned glass artist Marvin Lipofsky. Ever since, she has been committed to bringing the craftsmanship of the handmade object to her products. By incorporating efficient production processes with the exacting standards of a small atelier, Annieglass has preserved fine art technique with craftsmanship and created a market for the handmade object in the luxury marketplace. Annieglass has earned its place in the finest stores around the world, as well as in the Corning Museum of Glass, Glasgow Museum of Modern Design, Scotland and Smithsonian Museum of American Art's permanent collection.


Annieglass is created in an environment that is green-friendly and responsible. The Annieglass warehouse uses an abundant amount of skylights and low wattage energy-efficient lighting. A special reflective roof keeps the space well insulated avoiding the need for air conditioning. Kilns—which are not run at peak hours—are fired at low temperatures. This process results in less power usage than standard glass making. The glass-cleaning machine circulates and reuses water, and glass is cleaned with non-toxic vinegar.

Annieglass is a rare combination of only two materials, glass and precious metal. The glass supplier is a local factory less than 60 miles away, thus reducing its shipping and transportation footprint. The precious metal is purchased in small quantities from one supplier. Molds are reused, and leftover glass is returned to the factory for re-melting (Annieglass even sends in used paper towels to refine the precious metal residue!). Annieglass uses recycled or biodegradable packing materials for shipping, and the warehouse serves as a local drop-off station for reused packing materials.

Annieglass has also introduced the Seafood Watch collection in which 100% of the profits go directly to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program. A program dedicated to raising awareness about the various issues plaguing our oceans today, most notably overfishing.

The Clean Oceans Project strives to keep plastic out of the oceans and is working on a solution to turn what is already in the oceans into fuel. Annieglass advocates their recommended practices for reducing waste in general, plastic in particular.

Community Involvement

Annie is deeply committed to social and environmental causes. She actively engages in fundraising and gives donations to over 300 charities annually, in particular:

-The Clean Oceans Project
-Monterey Bay Aquarium
-Second Harvest Food Bank
-Jacobs Heart Childrens Cancer Services
-Women in Business
-Sierra Club

As well as numerous schools and non-profits that help education, art, children, women and the environment.

Annie Morhauser was elected to the board of trustees to her alma mater, California College of the Arts (formerly California College of Arts & Crafts) in 2004. She serves as advisor to the Masters in Business, Design Strategy program. It is the first graduate business school at an art college in the nation.

In addition to employee scholarships, Annie speaks at events focused on philanthropy, education, and women in business. She sponsors educational scholarships – at California College of the Arts and a local high schools.

Employee Benefits

In an age of short-term employment stints, the average length of time among Annieglass employees is 10 years, and it's easy to see why. All employees enjoy a fair wage, medical and generous retirement contribution benefits. They also enjoy a profit sharing plan in which the company distributes to staff in a tax deferred savings plan. Annieglass also provides an Education Scholarship program that reimburses employees for tuition and textbook expenses in earning degrees (Annieglass staff members have already seen one BS one MBA and one MFA completed). Annieglass also sponsors an Artist in Residence program, which allows for selected artists to use their facilities and share in their passion for working with glass, allowing the artist the luxury of completing a body of work at no cost with unlimited assistance and sponsorship.

Annie with Willy Elliot-McCrea, Executive Director of Second Harvest Food Bank

Annie with Willy Elliot-McCrea, Executive Director of Second Harvest Food Bank, at Annieglass' UnforgetTables event which raised over $10,000 for the not for profit.