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Since 1983, Annieglass has been sustainably handcrafting luxury glass tableware and gifts completely in the United States. Annieglass captures the beauty of imperfect, handmade glass through a special “slumping” process pioneered by award-winning artist and founder Annie Morhauser. Architectural glass is cut, polished, and decorated with genuine platinum or 24k gold, and then set into kilns whereby the glass “slumps” into their ceramic molds, bonding glass and precious metals. Each unique piece features tell tale stretch marks of the glass pulling the precious metal over the mold, which ensures dishwasher safety, durability and a lifetime of use. Adding to authenticity, every piece of Annieglass is hand engraved with a studio signature. A favorite on bridal registries, collected by celebrities and home cooks worldwide, and recognized in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection, Annieglass can be found at their Watsonville studio on California’s central coast, at Annieglass on Santana Row in San Jose, on and in the finest stores worldwide.

Annieglass Wedding Wednesday: 2015 Theme Trends

Discover top trending wedding themes of 2015 on this week’s Annieglass Wedding Wednesday! Plus, we’ve got the Annieglass look that goes with each wedding style.

Photo Courtesy: Tracey Sanders

Photo Courtesy: Tracey Sanders

British invasion. “Credit the unwavering appeal of Princess Kate and Downtown Abbey for the influx of stylish details that bring to mind afternoon tea and garden parties. For this look, dining al fresco is a popular choice. Tables are often uncovered or simply adorned with a vintage lace cloth. Lush garlands get turned into runners and loosely styled floral centerpieces hang from above.” –Bridal Guide

Annie Recommends Annieglass Ruffle in 24k Gold: Girlish ruffles grown up, the Annieglass Ruffle Collection complements delicate lace and the English garden theme (and since all Annieglass is durable, you know if will be safe at that outdoor reception!). Find yours here.

Annieglass Ruffle Collection in 24k Gold

Annieglass Ruffle Collection in 24k Gold

Modern luxe. “At the opposite corner of the inspiration board is a more sophisticated interpretation of romance. Brides who covet sleek style will gravitate toward clean color palettes with bolder accents. Think varying shades of white or ivory with a burst of poppy red, or black-and-white with a punch of emerald green. Square dining tables, clear “ghost” chairs, geometric place settings, monogrammed napkins and sculptured floral arrangements help set a sophisticated tone for the evening.”–Bridal Guide

Annie Recommends Annieglass Roman Antique in Genuine Platinum: A sleek, clean design makes formal dining modern with the Annieglass Roman Antique Collection. The genuine platinum trim gives you the luxury look, while the clear glass simplifies formality and leaves room for bursts of color in your centerpieces. Find yours here.

Annieglass Roman Antique in Genuine Platinum

Annieglass Roman Antique in Genuine Platinum

Eclectic elegance. “Falling somewhere between the above interpretations of romance is a resurgence of the grand wedding — make that grand with a capital G. That means formal tablescapes, butler service, candelabras and other soft lighting, dramatic cakes, lavish fabrics and formal floral arrangements. The eclectic element comes into play when couples choose to take their formal affair outside for a twilight party; opt for a gilded evening with lots of glittering blush-gold touches; replace centerpieces with champagne towers; or surprise guests with a midnight arrival of an ice-cream truck.”–Bridal Guide

Annie Recommends Annieglass Edgey: Dramatic? Check! Gilded? Check! Chipped and 24k gold or genuine platinum painted edges make the Annieglass Edgey Collection stunning. Lighting will dance off of the jagged edges and textured pieces, creating an enchanting look. All pieces are hand chipped, hand painted and hand engraved with the studio signature…it is eclectic elegance at its best. Find yours here.

Annieglass Edgey Collection, in 24k Gold and Genuine Platinum

Annieglass Edgey Collection, in 24k Gold and Genuine Platinum

Bring these pieces home…register for Annieglass at with our online wedding registry service.

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World Water Day with Annieglass & the Clean Oceans Project

March 22nd was World Water Day! Did you know that Annieglass donates 20% of sales from our Suncatcher series to the Clean Oceans Project, every day of the year? Here at the Annieglass studio on California’s central coast, we are very conscious of water conservation, and we also understand the importance of maintaining and preserving our natural resources in a clean and responsible way.

The Clean Oceans Project is a wonderful non-profit raising awareness on the impact of plastic trash in our oceans. Incredibly, they have developed a machine which turns plastic materials collected from the ocean into fuel…which is then used to power a boat that goes out to sea and collects more plastic refuse for reuse!

As an artist inspired by the ocean and my surroundings, I created the Annieglass Clean Oceans Project Suncatcher series as a way to share what I have learned about protecting our oceans, waterways and drinking water, and to help give to this organization by donating 20% of Suncatcher sales to them. Click here to find out more about the Clean Oceans Project, and how the Annieglass Suncatcher Series and you can contribute every day of the year.

Discover other ways that Annieglass stays environmentally conscious, and read about the ARTS Green Award for Eco-Sustainability we won this year.

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Annieglass Easter Ideas

Annieglass Deviled Egg Platter, in 24k gold

Annieglass Deviled Egg Platter, in 24k gold

Easter is April 5th…make sure your Easter table is set with these Annieglass Easter ideas.

Finally! A solution to all of those colored Easter eggs…make deviled eggs! Annieglass has the perfect Deviled Egg Platter that is both practical and beautiful. Choose 24k gold or platinum trim for a hint of elegance that is appropriate for Easter brunch or dinner appetizers.

Roman Antique Plate set atop Ruffle Charger, in 24k gold.

Roman Antique Plate set atop Ruffle Charger, in 24k gold.

Want to wow your family this Easter dinner? Make statement place settings by mixing and matching Annieglass dinnerware pieces, such as Roman Antique and Ruffle. Add some of your China for contrast, and top with chocolate Easter eggs.

Petite Fours Stand on Ruffle Cake Stand, in genuine platinum.

Petite Fours Stand on Ruffle Cake Stand, in genuine platinum.

What’s sweeter than dessert? A double helping! This Easter, stack the Annieglass Petits Fours Stand on top of our Pedestal Cake Plate for a tiered look that is both dramatic, and delicious!

Click here for more Annieglass Easter ideas, then browse to see what great Annieglass inspired Easter table ideas you can create! (PS Order by March 30th for delivery by Easter Sunday.)

Annieglass has your holidays covered year-round…follow us on Pinterest to see how.

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Celebrate Passover with Annieglass Seder Plate and Judaica Collection

Annieglass Judaica Collection

Annieglass Judaica Collection, in 24k gold

Passover begins Friday, April 3rd at sundown, and with it comes the traditional Seder. Every year, my mind travels back to 1980 when I married a Jewish man and thought a Seder (pronounced say-DER) was like a Jewish Thanksgiving. I was so enthusiastic to celebrate that first year. I asked my mother-in-law for advice, who was very casual about it, as was her son and rest of the family.  She told me to cook a brisket…

Anniglass Challah Platter, in Platinum

Anniglass Challah Platter, in Platinum

A former vegetarian and hippie, I had to admit that I did not know what that was. On top of that, I was raised Catholic in South Jersey. My siblings and I went to Catholic grammar, high school and one of my brothers even went to a Catholic college. I knew nothing about Jewish traditions or rituals. I fretted that I was not doing things the right way. I even loaded on some Catholic guilt about it and asked myself, “Aren’t you worried about the ramifications if you don’t do a Seder right?”

My new family reassured, taught, and welcomed me into their tradition. I learned that a Seder is a Jewish ritual feast celebrating Passover, performed by generations of a family re-telling the story of the liberation of the Israelites from slavery. The word Seder means order, and the book used is a Haggadah, which means “the telling.”

Annieglass Seder Plate

Annieglass Seder Plate, in 24k gold

I successfully cooked the brisket, the traditional dish served during a Seder, and learned, perhaps most importantly, that like many traditions, secular or religious, a Seder was more about spending time with loved ones around the dinner table.

To commemorate this very special Jewish holiday, I created the Judaica Collection, which includes our best-selling Seder Plate, Challah Platter, and Matza Plate, all available in 24k gold or genuine platinum trim. Over the years, these Annieglass pieces have become a popular addition to the table during Seder and Passover. I hope they make it to your table, and into your family’s tradition.

Browse Judaica here. (PS you have until March 27th to order Judaica and have these pieces make it to your Seder table!)

Anniglass Matza Plate, in platinum

Annieglass Matza Plate, in platinum

Annieglass has collections and pieces to help you celebrate year-round! Find more holiday ideas here.

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Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day with Annieglass

Green Annieglass Palm Fronds, from the New Spring 2015 Collection.

Green Annieglass Palm Fronds, from the New Spring 2015 Collection.

You may be wearing the requisite green clothing, and surely Kelly-green shamrocks will dominate your vision today…so take a minute to enjoy something a little different this St. Patrick’s holiday–green Annieglass!

Green Annieglass Water Lily plate, platter and bowls.

Green Annieglass Water Lily plates, platter and bowls.

Browse our green-hued glass collections in Water Lily and (new!) Palm Frond for a more sophisticated kind of Paddy’s-themed decor. Or check out Annieglass’ Green Turtle for a fun, summer’s-just-around-the-corner reminder. They might even inspire you to spread a little luck of the Irish with a just-because gift for a friend, or yourself!

Green Annieglass Turtle from the Sea Life Collection.

Green Annieglass Turtle from the Sea Life Collection.

It’s a great way to go extra green this year, too, since all Annieglass is sustainably handcrafted on California’s central coast. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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