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My Favorite Easter Party

photo by praktyczny.przewodnik

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that you had a sweet Passover and joyous Easter. The egg-y festivities aren’t over yet – today is the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House. It is the 134th Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawns – President Rutherford B. Hayes started the tradition in 1878.

I love a good Easter egg hunt and wanted to tell you about an amazing Easter egg hunt party that my friend Michelle Stitz hosts. Michelle is an extraordinary mixed media artist who is based here in Santa Cruz and hosts the most fun party. Most of her guests are artists or other creative folks and therefore there are no dyed hard-boiled eggs in this hunt. Instead she asks everyone to MAKE their own eggs. A lot of the creations are pretty incredible and creative. One year a bartender friend made (and hid) Easter-themed shots. I of course make glass treats — one year I cast Irish potatoes candies in glass. The rule of the party is that you bring 13 “eggs” — you can keep one, give one and then you trade for the others that catch your eye.

What holiday traditions did you take part in this weekend?


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My Slacker Oscar Party

This Sunday is the Oscars! Have you seen all of the nominated films? Are you planning an Oscar watching party?

I’m having my annual gathering, which we have lovingly come to call our slacker Oscar party, with my boyfriend Steve and a group of my friends and family. We call it the slacker party because we very deliberately keep things casual — we order in pizza, and the dress code is distinctly non-formal. The highlight of the night is the competition — not for the Oscar, but for which one of us predicts the highest number of winners correctly. We have a very elaborate system and bet against each other using poker chips.

Who do you think will take home the awards? And what are your Oscar watching plans or traditions?

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