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Annieglass in the News

2012-06-27 - Daily Journal
Annieglass founder to visit New Albany
2012-06-27 - post-gazette.com
WHERE: Glassworks in Shadyside
2012-06-27 - New Albany Gazette
California glass designer shows local flower shop customers some of her wares
2012-06-27 - American Station
Annieglass: A Classic and Elegant Made-in-America icon
2012-06-27 - Giftware News
Pleasing Pet Products
2012-06-27 - Gift Shop Spring 2012
Bring Home Memories
2010-01-04 - San Francisco Chronicle
Stylemaker spotlight: Annie Morhauser
2010-01-03 - Annie on PBS KTEH TV
Annie will be the subject of a six minute profile on the PBS show, This Is Us!, Sunday, January 25th.
2010-01-02 - New York Times
When Fate Picks Your Seatmate
2010-01-01 - UnforgetTables
Images from the UnforgetTables table setting event